Thursday, July 10, 2008

Deck refinishing, day....12?

After a week long break from the deck troubles, the guy we hired (Tony, handyman extrordinaire) came by this morning to start work on the porch. Joe stopped at home on his lunch break to see it in progress. While they were talking, Tony understated, "Man, that paint is really hard to get off!"

But, here's what it looked like when I got home tonight:

Much, much MUCH better. He's coming by tomorrow to finish some sanding and smooth out the roughness, and by this weekend I can start staining. Hooray for calling in the professionals!


tomsaville said...

Why can't you just burn the place'd make me SO happy. Please?!

Amila said...

Awesome Mish!!! It's so much easier when ya get someone else to do it for you!!! How exciting!! What color are you going to stain it? Just a note: you may want to find out what type of wood it is before you stain...different woods take the stain differently and there are some that you may want to pre-treat with a conditioner to allow for better stain absorption. That is all:) Yay!!!