Friday, July 25, 2008


There's a very pretty cherry tree right off of the corner of our porch. It gets beautiful blossoms on it in the spring, but last year we didn't see any fruit. This summer, there's a whole bunch of little red cherries growing on the branches within reach! Oh boy!

I was really excited to see cherries growing, and even more excited to be close enough to pick one. I'm a cherry fiend in the summer (I get really excited about road-side fruit stands with fresh cherries), so I brought one in to try. OH CRAP...SOUR. Extremely sour cherries. I'm a bigger fan of sweet cherries, so I think I'll let the crows have these.

I also got a few funny pictures of the stupid cat this week. Here's a very satisfied Jingle in her basket (close-up on those fuzzy paws).

And here she is freaking out over a crow's feather I found while on a walk.

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