Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Anniversary weekend!

Sunday, April 6th was our 6th anniversary! (...it was also Alex's birthday, but that's not important.) We decided to take advantage of the fact that it fell on a weekend and had a mini-celebration in Portland. I got up on Saturday morning and made the best french toast ever!

I baked it in a honey/maple/pecan sauce. Not only was it delicious, but it was also extremely pretty. I made Joe take a picture of it, along with the truffles and lilacs I got for him. I think he felt a little funny that I got him flowers and chocolates for our anniversary before he got any for me.

Saturday night we went downtown and stayed the night in a fun place called the Hotel DeLuxe. It's designed like a hotel that might be featured in an old movie, and there are photos from old golden era Hollywood movies all over the place. They also had a great bar that made some tasty drinks. Who knew that a rose-flavored drink could be so good?

Sunday, after searching forever for a place to eat breakfast that didn't require an hour long wait (did you know that Portlanders love going out for breakfast on the weekends? We found out the hard way...) we hit up the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, otherwise lovingly referred to as the OMSI.

My brother had gotten me a membership there for my birthday and I still hadn't gone, so we thought it was a perfect opportunity to go. We not only got 12 free passes to the Omnimax theater inside with our membership, but we also can go whenever we want for a year for free. AND we can take up to 2 adults and 8 kids with us each time! I told Joe we're gonna have to round up some children somewheres. Besides the great permanent exhibit, they were also having a great dinosaur exhibit that weekend and we saw some amazing fossils.

After leaving the exhibit we went home to bug Jingle, who was very happy to have a quiet weekend by herself.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dumb dog.....

I had to go put gas in the car after work tonight. On my way home I was sitting at the intersection by my house and a dog ran across the street. The stupid dog came up to my window and jumped up like she was happy to see me. I shooed her away and turned into my street, but noticed that she was running around in the intersection while people were driving around her. That kinda scared me so I opened the window and called her over to me so she'd get out of the intersection and she JUMPED RIGHT IN MY WINDOW. This is a golden retriever...a pretty big dog to jump into your window right onto your lap!

So I took her home. She was really hyper and excited and it took me and Joe both to hold her down to read the phone number off of the tag around her neck. When I got her owner on the phone he seemed pretty unconcerned. I think he may have been high or something because he was talking really slow and monotone.

"Hello, this is..."

"You have my dog?"

"Yes, I found her up the street and..."

"She alive?"

"Uh....yes...she was running around in the intersection and almost got hit though."

"Okay, I'll be there to pick her up in 5 minutes."

Strange redneck dude came to pick up his sweet but hyper dog after calling again because he messed up our address when writing it down. I know I'm a redneck so I shouldn't point out that others are, but when you pick up your dog from a stranger, tell them she's always escaping and then spit in their driveway you're really a strange redneck.

At least it was fun to have a puppy running around the house for a little bit and see Jingle all freaked out.