Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Race for the Cure!

This past weekend I participated in the Portland "Race for the Cure". It incredible to join about 50,000 other people to raise money for a good cause! I raised about $200 with the help of some very generous friends and family, and Laika will match up to $100 of that. I think that's pretty good for just one person out of all the other enthusiastic people I met early on Sunday morning.

Thanks to all who donated for their support!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Adventures in Vancouver!

Last weekend I went to visit Sarah Mensinga in Vancouver, BC. It was a fun, quick weekend trip and I think I walked a marathon that weekend. Here we are on a boat tour. We decided to look like pirates with our bandannas...we were also too lazy to fix our hair.

Vancouver is a lovely city. Too bad that it was so rainy on the day I remembered to bring my camera, you can't see all the mountains surrounding the city.

We went down to Granville Island on Sunday. First stop was the toy store. Then we went to the market where I was saddened that I couldn't afford eat everything. There were so many great things there! We got some good food and came back with fresh fruit.

Hooray for the toy store!!!!!!!!
Hooray for deliciousness!!!
We went on a boat tour and the guy driving the boat hit on Sarah the whole time. Even after she told him she was married. He thought that the fact that they were both from Toronto and he let her drive the boat would make her fall madly in love with him!

It was a great trip. And I even found the ORIGINAL Joe's....who is this Joe that I married? he's not the original??!?!

Thanks for all the hospitality, Sarah!