Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday party and Laikapella

Here's some photos of me at the Laika holiday party on Saturday, singing in Laika's acapella group. Cleverly named Laikapella. I'm in white if you can't recognize me without my glasses, like most of the drinkers that night.

I like this one of Chris looking nice and smiley while the guys singing backup behind him look silly.

Monday, December 1, 2008

new pet!

Joe went out to get groceries tonight, and came home with a pet rat as an early Christmas present. She's super friendly and didn't mind being picked up and held. And it didn't phase her in the slightest when Jingle came up to smell her either. She actually stuck her nose out of the cage to take a good look at the cat.

Jingle didn't care for that and got freaked out and ran away.

"Oh hey guys, what's up?"

Me and my new buddy.

Nice preening pose.

Time to explore.

We're still deciding on good names right now....will post some video later of Jingle meeting her for the first time.