Thursday, April 5, 2012

10 years of adventure

Happy 10th anniversary to my lovely husband, Joe. Here's to many more decades of fun!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Adventures in Hairstyles

Don't you just love change?  Well....most people would say no.  But I kind of do. Maybe it's years of the nomadic animator lifestyle, but I just love it when things change up. Keeps life more interesting and new, like an adventure. I have a bad (or good?) habit of changing up my hair completely every year or so. It was due for a change recently, as it had been growing long for quite some time now.  I'd changed up the color this past summer to a light blonde, which I hadn't done before. Everyone loved it. EVERYONE. I liked it...but I didn't love it. To me it felt too...I don't know...typical?  Hollywood?  FEMININE?  In any case, long blonde curls were just not for me anymore. So I went back to a dark blonde and short style. I feel more like myself in it.

I kept my hair short throughout my teenage years so maybe it's the nostalgia working, but I feel younger and more free with short hair. And the bleaching from the super blonde highlights were causing a lot of damage to my hair so hopefully this will help the health of it all. All in all, a good change!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Interesting...I learn something new every day

Found a website on susperstitions....this was the most interesting explanation I found.

Knock on Wood
We knock on wood to keep something bad from happening when we think we might’ve jinxed ourselves. Why does wood have power over our fates? The druids, who lived in what’s now Great Britain (and built Stonehenge), worshipped trees, believing that spirits lived in all wood. Whenever the druids said something about good or bad fortune, they’d knock on the wood to perk up the spirits to work in their favor. So whether we want a good thing to keep going or want to stop a bad thing from happening, we can make our request to the wood spirits by rapping our knuckles on the nearest piece of wooden furniture.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Kitchen pictures

Finally completed the kitchen with all new appliances.

To cut down on the costs, we decided to install the new range hood by ourselves, as the installation fee was $130 and the salesman said that it was "really easy". We didn't take into account that we're really, really, really bad at home improvement projects and even jobs that are classified as "really easy" are taxing for us to do. Here's the hood -hole when we took the old white one off.

Joe's face says it all in this picture. This was an incredibly annoying job. We had to drill all new holes for the screws into the cabinets to hang this thing and guess what? They were just slightly off. Hooray.

We did get it to hang, and it works. But it's up there a bit precariously and we're both hesitant to use it. Which kind of defeats the purpose of having it. But at least it looks good, right? Right?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Fridge, less water leakage.

Got the new fridge today from Standard TV and Appliance. Not only did they deliver it next day for no extra cost, but they called in the morning to say that they would deliver sometime between 1-3, and then called later to say they could come early if that was ok. I'm not used to things being delivered on time, but early? I'm really impressed with that business. We're going to definitely be ordering the rest of the kitchen appliances from them.

Here's the shiny new fridge. I know I've grown up with a new fridge is totally exciting. It's a Frigidaire Gallery, and I think the rest of the kitchen appliances at some point this year are going to be replaced with the same brand/model. It's getting a lot less white in here, wheeee!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Adventures in Home Improvement

Had some major changes to our house done over the past week. Changed the ancient carpet and vinyl flooring in the kitchen and dining room to hardwood floors that would (hopefully) match the existing ones in the living room.

Kitchen - Before. Someone REALLY liked white.....

Dining room - Before.

Hallway - Before. Lots of worn down, stained up carpet.

The before pictures were taken Sunday evening. The contractors were to show up and begin work on Monday. This is what we came home to after work on Monday evening.

Kitchen - During. You can see the darker spot that they did quickly to put the fridge back in. More on that lovely spot later.

Dining room -During. You can see that they moved the fridge around as they worked on the floors. There wasn't much flooring downstairs that wasn't being redone in some way so that they could stash the fridge while working, so supposedly they were going to put it out on the porch. Ominous blue towel under the fridge is hiding something....

Hallway - During. Looks better than that nasty carpet even before finishing.

Below are pictures of cracks in the boards that Joe didn't like. He didn't realize that there was a lot of sanding and filling left to do.

Came back on Friday afternoon after a few days out of the house to some pretty floors. A nasty surprise was waiting downstairs for us, however.

Kitchen - after. A little less white!

Dining room - after. Jingle's bed is already on the floor because she's so spoiled.

Hallway - after.

Nasty surprise downstairs, you ask? Oh, we just came in through the garage to find a nice big puddle of water dripping down from this light. Apparently, a hose under the fridge somewhere was severed and after the water was hooked up again, it leaked all through the brand new floorboards and down into the basement. We caught it before it got really bad, but we think that in the process of moving it on/off of the porch over the sliding door tracks something got ripped up. Here's a lovely picture of the leak.

The new flooring under the fridge is already buckled and ruined. The contractors are coming out again on Monday morning to take a look at the damage and see what can be done. We're fully prepared for the fact that they'll probably not want to take the blame on this one. Looks like we may have a fight on our hands. We're also getting a new fridge delivered tomorrow since it looks like the one we have is so old that it's not worth it to try and fix it at all. This has been a really expensive week!