Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Kitchen pictures

Finally completed the kitchen with all new appliances.

To cut down on the costs, we decided to install the new range hood by ourselves, as the installation fee was $130 and the salesman said that it was "really easy". We didn't take into account that we're really, really, really bad at home improvement projects and even jobs that are classified as "really easy" are taxing for us to do. Here's the hood -hole when we took the old white one off.

Joe's face says it all in this picture. This was an incredibly annoying job. We had to drill all new holes for the screws into the cabinets to hang this thing and guess what? They were just slightly off. Hooray.

We did get it to hang, and it works. But it's up there a bit precariously and we're both hesitant to use it. Which kind of defeats the purpose of having it. But at least it looks good, right? Right?

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