Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hold on, Pens!!!

Fresh back from my trip to Alaska (pictures to follow shortly), and the Pittsburgh Penguins are still scraping their way through the Stanley Cup Finals. Last night I stupidly thought they'd lost it all after the Red Wings gained a lead on them in the 3rd period, so instead of staying and getting angry at the game we decided to go to the movies and watch the new Indiana Jones movie. I really kicked myself when I got home and saw that the Pens had won in a triple overtime nail biter victory.

Still down in the series 3-2, I'm holding out hope for a game 7 victory.

On another note, the 4th Indy movie was kind of a dissapointment. Still had moments of that classic Indiana Jones movie fun that I love, but peppered with moments of, "uh....what were they thinking when they wrote this into the script??!?". Joe and I both wondered if those wierd moments came from George Lucas' writing. I think Mr. Lucas has really lost touch with what good entertainment really is.

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