Sunday, June 29, 2008

Deck refinishing, day 01

Our back porch has been looking kind of shabby since this winter. When we moved in last year it was painted the same color as the house. The paint didn't stand up to the Portland rain, and has been flaking up ever since. Here's what it looked like before I started today.

We started off with some Behr brand paint stripper that was supposed to lift the paint in as little as 5 minutes. After waiting for a full half hour, we started to scrub the deck down with a push broom and blast it with water. This was the result a long time later.

I fail to see how this is better. It did take some of the paint off, but it was spotty. And I used a lot of water trying to spray it off with the hose. Not sure if it was our fault in our application or if it was the product's crappiness. And my skin did not like contact with the paint stripping chemicals, so tomorrow I'm going to go buy a sander. I heard that has better results.

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