Wednesday, November 21, 2007


In this ever-changing world, there's one constant I can rely on. This is that when I go to get my hair cut, I will be reprimanded for using boxed dyes (instead of paying 4 times more to have it professionally done), I will leave with bangs cut right in my eyes, and I'll have my hair styled in the poofiest way possible. This could also be why I usually get my hair cut maybe once every 6 to 12 months.

Actually, I came out of the place with a decent hair cut. If my hair was red again, it would look like Agent Scully's from the X-Files.
Oh, if you ever do an image search for Dana Scully from the X-files for your blog, you get a lot of strange fanboy stuff that comes up. Yikes!


Alex Fleisig said...

thats cause scully's hot

are you going to die it red again?



or don't


nightgigjo said...

I didn't get my hair cut for a long time because of stylists who 1) didn't listen to me and 2) might not have been that good anyway.

I lucked out, though, and the woman who cuts my hair now is really good. Sometimes it just takes a little looking.

And boo on anyone who doesn't get "I can't/won't pay $50+ dollars for something I can do for $10 myself". If they can't cut your hair to your specifications, then you probably wouldn't be any happier with the dye job they gave you, either.

Congrats on getting a decent haircut this time, though. Sometimes miracles happen. ~_^